14 Day Smoothie Challenge

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Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality?

Are you tired being zapped of energy?

Do you wish you could lose 5+ pounds?

Do you wish you had more confidence when you walk into a room?


If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then I have the solution for you!

The 14-Day New Beginning Smoothie Challenge is here!

It’s designed to kickstart your weight loss and put you on your way to a more healthy you!

Get ready to see so many incredible changes, like increased energy, increased immunity, and a more vibrant and healthy you just in the first week! You will be surprised at how much your body can change in just 14 single days!

My 14-Day New Beginning Smoothie Challenge is for women just like you that want to:

● Lose weight
● Have glowing skin
● Feel more Confident
● Sleep better
● Get rid of any stomach bloat
● Feel vibrant

Smoothies are the perfect way to get healthy! They keep you full throughout the entire day.

That’s right! No more feeling hungry, no more calorie counting and no more stressful diets!

Let’s face it – these approaches don’t work. I want to set you up for success, and that is exactly what my 14-day smoothie challenge is going to do for you!

Are you ready to take back your health and give your body a brand NEW beginning?
Not only am I giving you 14 days worth of FREE smoothie recipes plus 2 bonus ones, I am giving you a complete shopping list for each week, as well as a comprehensive guide to what smoothies can do for YOU!
In just 14 days, you can become the vibrant and empowered woman I know that you truly are!

Are you ready to say YES to a Happier and Healthier you?

Hi, I’m Lorraine, your English Health Coach in France and founder of lorrainewallace.com.

After a personal journey into health and wellness, I’m now on a mission to help as many people as a can to lose weight, and upgrade their own health and their lives in a way that is enjoyable, healthy and sustainable.


"I’m now my lowest weight this year! Thank you for your help. I’ve had the odd naughty moment but generally making really healthy choices and changed my shopping list. Feeling great too. I am still enjoying cooking and coming up with quick healthy meals. Now I have the odd bad meal rather than a bad day which becomes a bad week. It’s fab. Your tips and advice are brilliant!"

"I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough. She’s just a stunningly wonderful person. She makes everything and everyone she comes into contact with shine….in a very dull world. "

"Just wanted to say thanks for the advice…my mum was busy buying probiotics yesterday when I messaged her. "

"Lorraine well done on your website. Thanks to that I started using Quinoa, which I had never cooked before. Not being able to eat rice or pasta it is a great alternative."

"Lorraine Wallace has given me some great practical advice during the past few months. Many thanks Lorraine, your help and advice has been invaluable to me."

"I am feeling ever so positive, and my head is a lot clearer too! That’s in just a day!"