A day in Paris


A little different this time as I’d like to tell you about the highlight of last week, brought about by my studies. As some of you may already know from my Facbook post, I travelled to Paris to meet up with another IIN student, Gursharn.

Let me tell you, my kids were not happy!  They thought I was completely stark raving mad to even entertain the idea of going to the big city alone, let alone meeting someone I’d only recently met online – I was subjected to many internet safety lectures (at least I know they were listening) and aside from making me feel a need to prove I wasn’t stupid, it was really quite sweet. I know plenty of teenage kids that wouldn’t give two thoughts to what their parents are up to, so thank you Rhys and Kiera for being so caring and thoughtful, I love you both.

I had such an amazing day. Gursharn and I have been chatting online for a couple of months about the course and our plans etc, so I knew we already had a lot in common and so much to talk about. Gursharn kindly met me off the train as I had no idea where I was going and off we went to a lovely little coffee shop where we had the luxury of ordering our drinks with almond milk instead of cow’s milk. Have never seen that around these parts!

We followed up with lunch at Café Pinson, a juice bar, café, restaurant. Apparently we were lucky to get a table straight away as Gursharn says there’s often a queue. After tasting the food I can understand why, it was delicious. Unfortunately in my desperation to taste the delights of my main course I forgot to photograph it! Living in rural France I’m not used to such an experience as Café Pinson offered. It serves only vegetarian organic dishes, as well as vegan, wheat-free and dairy-free. I didn’t intend to turn this into a publicity piece for them but if this appeals to you, please do check them out next time you’re in Paris where they now have three venues – www.cafepinson.fr.

Not knowing Paris at all, Gursharn gave me a tour of some beautiful streets that were buzzing with activity, cafés and beautiful stores galore. I loved the choice of healthy outlets and dream of the same where I live! Though of course, living in a rural area has its fair share of healthy with the clean air and large garden where I can grow some of my own produce. The best of both would be perfect though….

A lovely stroll around Place des Vosges, taking in all the modern art galleries was another new experience for me, all the while chatting non-stop about health, food and exercise… I really was in my element!

One of the great things about the course we have discovered is that it gives us, the students, the knowledge and tools to follow a whole range of different career paths and passions. I specifically want to coach people to lose weight and improve their health to prevent illness whereas Gursharn is more specifically interested in the cookery side and plans to run classes. Being of Indian heritage she loves cooking Indian dishes so when she is ready, I’m really hoping she would love a trip to the Limousin to run a class here so that more of us can benefit from her talents. Nudge nudge Gursharn if you’re reading this….

So after a long day, I arrived home about 11pm, exhausted but on a high, thank you Gursharn!

veggie balls

Inspired by my lunch in Paris, I created my own version of veggie balls. Another hit with the family – I’m gradually persuading them that meat-free days can be filling and tasty! You can find the recipe here.

I’d love to know of any organic, vegetarian, health food restaurants/cafés/juice bars in your area as I’d like to start compiling a list to share.

Thank you as always for sharing my journey and I’ll catch you again next week.