A Positive Mindset

So it’s believed that we have approximately 70,000 thoughts every day…no wonder my brain hurts!!

But did you know the pattern of your thoughts can hugely influence your behaviours? How? Stop and think for a moment. Are you a positive, upbeat kind of person, or are you negative and self-defeating? Glass half-full or glass half-empty?


Here’s a scenario. You wake up feeling tired and you have a mountain of stuff that needs doing, housework, paperwork, making calls, preparing meals, running a business, phone calls…. The list could go on forever….

Which of these reflects you when you think about the day ahead?

  • You recognise that you’re still tired so you grab a glass of water for an instant wake-up, do a quick stretch routine to get your body going, followed by an energy boosting breakfast. You sit and write a ‘to do’ list and plan what you’re going to do when to make sure it all gets done. You methodically work through your list, sip water regularly, you break for a decent lunch to give you energy and you squeeze in a workout. The end of the day comes, you feel accomplished. You may not have done absolutely everything but you feel you’ve been productive and you’re happy.

  • Or you feel miserable, you don’t do anything until you’ve had 3 cups of coffee, you feel overwhelmed by everything. You spend the day fussing over unimportant things because you just can’t seem to focus on what you really need to do. It all seems too hard and you’re too tired anyway, there’s too much to do. You drink more coffee, or perhaps a can of coke and you grab a few biscuits and chocolate because you need the pick-me-up. You then feel bad because a whole day has nearly passed, you haven’t achieved much and you regret eating what you did.

    The fact is, those things will still need doing regardless, you can’t put them off forever, so the negative mindset is only adding to the stress and overwhelm. I’m not trying to play down how stressful it can all be, believe me, I’ve had my own share of pressure and stress over the years, but if we have no choice but to do those things, we may as well focus our energy on developing a positive mindset and understanding the tools we need to help us achieve more.

    Positive thoughts boost your mood, spirit, and tend to generate even more positivity and happiness in your life. Conversely, negative thoughts can create a domino effect of destructive energy. Falling into a spiral of negativity tremendously affects how you live your life and how others perceive you. Thankfully, you don’t have to accept the negative internal chatter. Choose to switch to a happier perception and reach for better thoughts. It takes a little practice, but seriously, it doesn’t take long to gravitate to the brighter side of life.

    Practice cultivating your own positive mindset with these tips.


    LET GO OF:


    Do you hear your inner voice admonishing you on a daily basis? Does it achieve anything except to make you feel bad?

    Next time you hear yourself saying ‘you’ve been weak’, ‘you’ll never do it, you’re not clever enough’ or ‘you’re not fit enough’, STOP. Say out loud to yourself ‘delete’, and reword that thought, just as you would if you were typing. Instead of telling yourself you’re weak, tell yourself you recognise you need support to do that thing. Instead of you’ll never do it, you’re not clever enough, tell yourself you simply need to learn what you need to do to achieve it. Instead of you’re not fit enough, ask yourself what you can do to change it.

    Look for a solution instead of dwelling on the problem.


    It’s natural to want what other have but it’s not healthy if you’re jealous and constantly focussing on what you haven’t got.

    Admiring what someone has and aspiring to achieve something similar is much healthier. It will allow you to open your mind to learning what you need to do to get where you want, instead of being consumed by jealousy and which you may take out on that person and doesn’t move you forward.


    If you want different results, do something different. Changes don’t have to be huge and overwhelming. Consistent small changes will lead to big results. All the time you are making changes, you will be curating your new positive mindset, which will spur you on further.


    Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? We can let stubbornness get in the way of ourselves being happy. Admitting that you don’t always know best, or that you were wrong, can lead to valuable support from others.




    I don’t wish for this to sound woo-woo, but there is extreme value in stopping to think about what you do have. I don’t mean have that fleeting thought of ‘there’s always someone worse off’. I mean really stop and think. Even when things are going badly, stop and acknowledge three to five things that are going well. This very act can turn on a more positive way of thinking.


    Seriously – try this! Walking straight, with your head held high and at a good speed, makes it very hard to feel negative. The two acts just don’t really work together. So when you’re feeling down and discouraged, stand tall, smile and walk! Your posture really affects your mood so make it work in your favour.


    I cannot stress how important this is. We have friends we like to have a good moan with, that’s okay and I certainly don’t mean get rid of friends in your life who are going through a bad patch and need your support. But if you have people in your life that constantly criticise you, or moan about their life but never make any effort to make changes, or are constantly expecting of you and draining your energy without showing any gratitude, these are people you perhaps need to consider spending less time with. These people may need help themselves, but you can only help them if they’re willing to be helped. Surrounding yourself, either in real life or online with people on the same wavelength is truly liberating and will encourage you to succeed, believe in yourself and be happy.


    Take time to reflect, meditate, or simply release all thoughts and emotions. Sit in a still, quiet space and get back to a neutral state of mind and body. Just a few minutes a day is all we sometimes need to gather out thoughts, breathe deeply and release the overwhelm.


    Perhaps one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for someone else. It doesn’t have to be big, a simple compliment to someone can really lift them and in turn it will make you feel amazing to have been the source of that happiness. But don’t fake it – mean what you say and speak from the heart and recognise how the direction of the conversation can turn so positively.

    kiera & cows

    We all have bad days and sometimes life can be cruel and we can’t see the good – that’s okay, we may need to deal with hurt, anger, pain before we can move on. But far too often it’s the trivial things in life that keep us down and we can make the choice to do something about that. Next time you’re feeling negative, ask yourself if you want to feel that way. If you don’t, look into yourself for solutions to move you forward.

    Let me know in the comments below if you consider yourself to be a positive or negative person. What’s one thing you can do today to feel more positive?

    PS. This is one of my favourite photos of my daughter a few years ago in our garden. A reminder to to take time to enjoy the simple things in life!