How I discovered I have food sensitivities

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Let me tell you a story… there’s an uncomfortable beginning (don’t read this while eating your breakfast), an enlightening middle and a happy ever after.

I became vegetarian at the end of last year and until this time I had experienced no problems with digestion and without going into detail, let me just say my toilet habits were ‘normal’. But for several months this year I was increasingly having problems with severe constipation and could sometimes go for days without ‘going’. Whilst I was never in pain the bloating in my lower belly was very uncomfortable and seriously made me look about 6 months pregnant at times. During these periods, half of my wardrobe didn’t fit so I’d have to stick to the same few things until it passed and then bam, overnight all would be well and I’d be okay for a few days until the next time.

I knew something wasn’t right. I knew it had started shortly after changing my diet but I didn’t think it was due to not eating meat or fish, I suspected it was more to do what I had introduced or increased in my diet to replace them. So I was working through a process of elimination with a ton of foods that I was eating regularly that I suspected could be triggering it but hadn’t really found any conclusive results.

Then I discovered someone, a lady called Pam. Now I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in fate. This is a whole other subject, but I will say is, when you really believe in fate, you are much more tuned into what and who crosses your path and why. So I was scouring the internet looking for a venue to hold a workshop and Pam’s website was listed. I had a quick glance and realised it wasn’t a venue at all, so immediately dismissed it. A few minutes later my mind wandered back to the site so I took another look in case I’d missed something. Pam was holistic practitioner working from her home and no, she didn’t have facilities for workshops, so again I moved on with my search. When my mind wandered back again, I realised I was meant to take notice (fate intervening) so this time I had a good look round her site and was intrigued about her kinesiology practice. Not only was she a practitioner but also a teacher – now I was really hooked. I knew a little about kinesiology as I know it can be used to test for food sensitivities. It’s a simple non-invasive test that simply tests muscle reaction when you hold a food. A strong muscle suggests no problem with the food and a weakened muscle indicates a sensitivity. It’s simple and quick and I realised that this could be useful in my own practice as a health coach. So I contacted Pam to enquire about doing the course. Again fate stepped in as she was just preparing to go away for 2 or more months but had time to squeeze me in to do the first level of training which would equip me for testing for sensitivities.

That was a few weeks ago. Pam is well into her retirement years yet she is young and vibrant with her attitude and physique – many years devoted to holistic practices obviously suits her! And so my training began and to say I was blown away by this practice is an understatement. You have to experience it to believe it – I’ll tell you more another time.

So whilst there I asked Pam to test me for sensitivities and I explained the constipation issue. I took with me a ton of foods that I eat on a regular basis and had some interesting results, many of which made sense as I’d introduced or increased regularity of some of these since becoming vegetarian. This is what we discovered I had sensitivities to:

Balsamic vinegar
Sesame seeds
Sliced, packaged bread but no fresh bread
Cucumber if it was sprayed with pesticide but not my home-grown
Peppers and Onions (to a lesser degree)

It can take 3-4 days for foods to work through your body so with the exception of onion and pepper, which I reduced in quantity, I cut all of these out of my diet and waited. Lo and behold on the 4th day, my bloating disappeared, my toilet habits returned to normal and all has been good with no further symptoms for the past few weeks. My body looks and feels so different now and it’s a huge relief! It proves that even healthy foods may not suit everyone. I know this of course, this is what I teach, but to experience such an obvious reaction in myself was a valuable lesson for me.

Soon I’d like to be able to test others but would love to gain more practical experience first, so if anyone who is local to me would like a free session, please get in touch (I’m in postcode 87190, France). I tried on my first client last week with great success so a thank you to her and to my other local clients who have also agreed to be my guinea-pigs over the coming weeks! Like I said, it’s a simple procedure, you simply hold the foods and I look for muscle reaction, easy!

So there you have it, my story about into discovering food sensitivities. I have another one about eggs but I’ll save that for another day!

I’d love to hear from you if you have been tested using muscle reaction and of course if you’d like a free session with me. Have a great week.