Losing my stick!

After the seriousness of the last two posts, I thought I’d lighten it up a bit and tell you how I’ve been getting on with practicing ‘Health Histories’. I mentioned them a while back but for those that don’t know what one is, it’s a free consultation offered to a potential client, either in person, or via Skype or phone. It starts with that person completing a form, often in advance of the consultation, to give some background information on themselves and their lifestyle. From this information, the health coach can lead an informal chat to identify problem areas, health issues and goals etc. They would then explain how health coaching could be of benefit to the potential client, by which time both parties will have a good idea if working together is right for them both.

woman glasses 800 258

I was so nervous with my first one but I’m getting better, I’ve practiced on friends and other students and it’s really quite a fun thing to do when you get over the nerves! One area I do know I need to work on though is my telephone voice! Why on earth do I suddenly adopt a voice I don’t recognize as soon as I start asking questions? If you can envision a prim spectacled lady, with her neatly coiffured bun and her below the knee sensible tweed skirt and simple blouse…. well that’s what my new telephone voice sounds like! But if you know me, you know I don’t look or sound like that in real life. There’s probably some psychological reason about me sounding ‘professional’ which is stupid, because instead I sound like I’ve got a stick up my backside! So apologies to those of you that have endured that… I’m getting better, I promise!

When it comes to other students practicing on me, I’m okay, I make a miraculous reappearance and the stick has been removed, phew! It’s actually quite enjoyable to have a Health History consultation done on yourself as I’ve found different people draw out different discussions from me… and who doesn’t like to talk about themselves and be the centre of attention now and then! I’m definitely a good one to practice on as I do like to talk… most people have got to know my whole life story inside an hour – there’s no clamming up or awkward silences from me! Family and friends will attest to the fact that I can be… hmmm, conversationally enthusiastic!

What has also been interesting for me, is getting to know the different approaches the other new coaches have, so although we are fundamentally working from the same starting point, everyone brings their own individual style to the table, so I’m learning a lot from them too… which is handy, because that’s the point of the practice!

But rest assured, if you’d like to consider having a consultation with me when I’m ready to go, I will definitely not be inviting the stick!

As well as one-to-one coaching I’ll also be offering an e-course on weight loss. I’ve been working on it for what seems like forever and it’s slowly coming together. I’m really excited about it because I keep thinking of new things to add so it’s getting more and more packed with valuable content and resources. Next step is learning how to deliver it all as at the moment I just have a stream of word documents! So to add to my busy schedule, I’m also taking a e-course on how to create an e-course… clever eh?

sauerkraut 800 258

I haven’t mentioned being in the kitchen for a while. To be honest I haven’t created a lot of new things lately as I’ve been so busy, instead I’ve been sticking to the trusted favourites. But I have made my first batch of sauerkraut!

If you already know what this is then you deserve a brownie point as I didn’t know until recently and nor did any of my friends it seems… we all thought it was a German sausage! Not quite! Sauerkraut is actually fermented cabbage. Simply cabbage, massaged with sea salt to draw out the natural water from the cabbage. I made mine with red cabbage – it takes literally minutes to prepare but takes a few weeks to ferment so I’ll let you know how it tastes when it’s ready. I’ve never eaten it before so how the hell I’ll know if it tastes right I don’t know! For info, sauerkraut is a great probiotic, which I talked about last week.

Over to you… I’d love to hear what your biggest struggles are with weight loss, so that I can make sure my e-course covers this and I’d love to hear if you’ve experimented with fermenting foods before. How did they turn out? You can either leave a comment below, drop me an email at lollys@neuf.fr or contact me via Facebook.

Thank you and have a great week!