Menopausal hair loss – guest post

A slightly different topic this week….. I had a client this week who mentioned one of the many miseries of going through the menopause – hair loss and thinning hair. On doing some research it appears that this is little talked about but is a huge issue for women who are experiencing it! So I called on my lovely friend Debra, who happens to be my hairdresser to ask her advice. Her reply made for a great blog post, so over to Debra….

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We naturally lose hair everyday of our lives. As one hair falls out, it is replaced by a new one. This is the natural life cycle of our hair. However, we may notice more excessive hair loss at different times in our lives; this can be due to a number of reasons reasons, among them ill-health, pregnancy, medicinal side effects or the menopause.

This article is focusing on menopausal hair loss.

What causes menopausal hair loss?

The cause of hair loss during or after the menopause is thought to be due to hormone changes taking place within your body. The two main hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Before the menopause they help the hair maintain its thickness and allow the hair to remain on the head for longer, however during the menopause the levels of these hormones drop and can cause the hair to become thinner and less abundant. You may also notice hair recession around the front hairline

What can you do about it?

As with many things, lifestyle choices can play a large part in hair and scalp health. The choices we make with exercise and diet not only affects how we look, but how we feel about ourselves.  Our hair is fed from our blood stream via the hair follicle.  The better nourished our bodies our, the more nourishment our hair will receive.

  • Avoiding and managing stress helps to keep hormones balanced. Practising yoga, yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation are excellent ways of relieving stress. However if this isn’t for you, simply reading or going for a walk may help you. Whatever relieves stress for you is what you should do.
  • Our diet plays a huge role in keeping our hair and skin healthy. A balanced diet is essential to maintain hair and body health. Essential fatty acids can help maintain hair health. Protein, Iron and B vitamins also help promote health hair growth. Vitamin C, found in citrus and other fruit, is also beneficial, particularly for helping your body to absorb the iron.
  • Gentle scalp massage while shampooing and conditioning may help stimulate the blood supply and healthy hair growth. Do not rub at the scalp vigorously as this can cause damage and breakage to fragile hair. Try to use only products with natural ingredients.
  • Minimise any treatment that is harsh to your hair, such as vigorous brushing, using heated appliances, pulling or twisting into a style that is adding trauma to your hair.
  • Some people benefit from the use of aromatherapy oils to encourage hair regrowth. Lavender, rosemary, thyme and cedarwood are traditionally used in conjunction with a carrier oil like jojoba. Gently massaged into the scalp once or twice per week.
  • Cutting caffeine and alcohol intake is also said to help promote regrowth.
  • Herbal supplements have a very good reputation for being effective as they treat the root of the problem not just the symptoms.
  • Acupuncture is another popular alternative remedy.

Combining a number of these approaches is likely to have the best results. Cleaning up your diet, ensuring you have the appropriate vitamin and mineral levels, along with natural remedies and stress management should see some significant improvement, not only in your hair, but your whole wellbeing.

There are of course treatments that your doctor can prescribe for you but be sure to research them before taking to know that they are right for you. Often the side-effects are more damaging than the hair loss.

Now we’d love to know in the comments below, via, email or Facebook, about your own experiences. Have you successfully treated thinning hair or hair loss due to menopause?

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