Wake up 10 minutes earlier to improve your health!


10 minutes? Could that really make a difference? Yes it could!

Think about your morning ritual, if it’s not a relaxed experience it could be setting the tone for the day, leaving you grumpy, stressed and craving poor food.

I like to get up and be downstairs before anyone else in the house. I like to take a good 10 minutes, sometimes longer, to eat my breakfast oats in peace whilst reading. Reading and breakfast are two of my most favourite things to do and it only takes 10 relaxed minutes for me to feel ready to tackle the day ahead. Having to resort to a slice of toast whilst running around doing chores, would seriously annoy me and I would feel cheated, so I just don’t do it. I’d much rather get up 10 minutes earlier to guarantee this quality time, knowing my day will be better for it!

So what else could you benefit from by getting up 10 minutes earlier? Here’s some ideas:

      • Give yourself a foot soak. Use Epsom salts for a magnesium boost.
      • Stretch. Some simple body stretches will give you a quick wake up.
      • Prepare a To Do list. Making a list of what you want to achieve frees your brain up from having to ‘remember’ which means your energy is better focussed, resulting in you being more productive.
      • Prepare food. Whether it be for lunch or dinner, a few minutes salad and veg preparation will save you time later in the day when you are tiring and will help you avoid resorting to a meal that is a poorer choice nutritionally.
      • Go for a walk. A brisk early more walk is great for an instant wake-up as well as good exercise.
      • Go for a run. Take it up a notch.
      • Meditate. Quite time either alone or using a guided meditation can positively affect your whole day. There are lots of free apps to get you started such as Headspace.
      • Phone a friend. We all love a good catch-up so a quick early morning call could set you both up for the day.
      • Tick off a chore. Keep a list of household chores you need to do and pick one quick one like clean the fridge or wipe down cupboard doors.
      • Make time for breakfast. Don’t grab a simple breakfast of toast or cereal, take a few extra minutes to prepare something that will set you up for the day.
      • Make a smoothie. If you’re not a breakfast person, smoothies are a delicious and nutritious way to start your day and only take a few minutes prep.
      • Journal. Many successful people swear by journaling to start the day. Take a few minutes to simply write down all that’s on your mind. It can be used to acknowledge and release thoughts that may be holding you back as well being an opportunity to show gratitude for everything that is good in your life. Positive thoughts encourage positive actions.

Some of these will appeal more than others and that’s fine. The key is to find one or more things that will make YOU feel good in just 10 minutes. It might be the same thing every day or you may want to plan something different each day, that’s up to you.

Do you have any early morning ritual, or could you benefit from one? Why not try it for a week? Commit to getting up 10 minutes earlier to give yourself and your day, the boost you deserve! I’d love to hear from you in the comments, by email, or via  Facebook.