What is Health Coaching?

So you know you need to eat well in order to stay healthy or lose weight. You know you need to exercise to compliment the healthy eating. You know you need to make some changes to your life and behaviours to manage all this. It’s not rocket science – fundamentally we all know this. Making it happen however is a whole different thing!

Let me first explain that I am a ‘holistic’ health coach, which might sound a bit woo-woo to you, but it simply means that I recognise that to achieve good health, it is not just about the food you eat and how many steps you’ve clocked up today. Instead I am tuned into to connect the dots between other lifestyle factors that may be impacting on your health. Is your relationship causing you to comfort eat? Is stress stopping you from making healthy choices? Is late night working causing those cravings? Is poor time-management to blame for not having time to cook fresh food and exercise? There’s so much more and it’s all connected, even if you don’t initially recognise it yourself.

As your health coach, my job is to guide you to make things happen! First off, we establish your specific goals. Do you want to have more energy, do you want to lose weight, do you want be less stressed, do you want to lose those damn cravings for chocolate? Once we’ve nailed down what you want to achieve, we formulate a plan that works for you specifically – this is bespoke, so no more wondering why that diet that worked for your friend just didn’t work for you.

How do I do it? Well, through a variety of mediums. I’m your accountability partner, I’m your motivational support, I’m your nutrition resource, I’m your inspiration, I’m your mentor, I’m your recipe provider, I’m your shoulder to cry on, I’m your problem solving partner…. all combined to propel you towards achieving your goals!

The result is that not only will you feel amazing as you make positive progress, but you’ll learn how to become your own trusted expert when it comes to your body. You’ll learn how to get in tune with it so that you really understand what your mind and body need at all times.

Are you ready to prioritise your health & wellbeing? Great! Let’s do this!


I’d love to connect with you so you can discover what your goals really are and how I can help you to achieve them. Simply get in touch to book your appointment.

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  • Email: lorraine@lorrainewallace.com
  • Tel: 05 55 68 15 77 (0033 555 68 15 77 if outside of France)