Where are the vegetables?


We were away on a family holiday last week so I have spent the last 2 days catching up on coursework. I am honestly so excited to get back to it… school has never been so much fun! It makes such a difference when you are studying a subject you want to learn. At the moment my head is spinning with ideas, for coaching, for recipes, for my website, my vegetable garden…. It’s a bit overwhelming at times but in a good way. I’m just so impatient… I want it all to happen NOW because I’m so energised by it all!

I’m always a bit concerned when on holiday that we’re not going to be able to eat as well as we do at home and I usually have to make a real effort to find healthy options for meals and snacks when we’re out and about. This time I consciously chose to approach it differently.

The course content reminds me frequently to listen to and feel how my body responds to different foods, so whilst we didn’t go into full binge mode, we did all eat more junk food than we would have ever eaten at home. After eating so well for so long I wanted to see what my body ‘thought’ if I ate ‘badly’.

I probably ate more rubbish in one week than I have in the past 6 months! And when I say rubbish, I don’t mean I ate only fast food, cake and chocolate bars. We ate out most days but I find most restaurants in France don’t offer much in the way of vegetables or salad with your meal but there’s always plenty of chips! When I did discover a fish and vegetable dish the vegetable portion was so tiny that I ended up having Weetabix an hour later to curb my hunger! The salads to be fair were good but lashings of cheap dressing just isn’t the same as homemade and I missed that. I did indulge in a couple of ice-creams which I admit to thoroughly enjoying but on the whole, the other junk food, like crisps, biscuits and a doughnut, just didn’t bring me the pleasure they once did. I’m not sorry about that – this was exactly what I was hoping for. I felt that they filled a hunger gap at that moment but nothing more. I rarely have cravings for sugary snacks or crisps etc, like I once did and this went to prove that my body’s needs have changed (a few years back I NEEDED to have a Mars chocolate bar every day!). By the end of the week I felt quite sluggish and very bloated, I didn’t feel awful, but I didn’t feel good and I know for me it was the lack of vegetables. It wasn’t just me though, as a family we eat masses of vegetables and we all agreed that we were missing them by the end of the week. We’ve been home a couple of days now and have eaten plenty so all is well with the world again!

Cancer and Nutrition

The course content I’ve been covering is of particular interest to me as it is what got me started on this journey… the relationship between cancer and food. A few years ago I had no idea that cancer in many cases, could be prevented with good nutritional choices, so then to discover that the same can actually reverse cancer was completely mind blowing! I can’t tell you how much research and how many real life stories I have read to back this up. Now isn’t the time to go into detail but in simple terms it is commonly believed that all of us have cancer cells in our bodies but not all of us will develop cancer. Our nutritional choices either feed those cells allowing them to grow or they fight them, never allowing them to develop. Or in the case of those with active cancer, cancer fighting foods can actually be strong enough to reduce the cancer or eradicate it completely.

And what about heart disease? Doctors prescribe all manner of medications when virtually 100% of the time chronic heart disease can be reversed through dietary changes. It’s so shocking!

I will at a later stage add some good sources for reading but in the meantime, simply Google the relationship between nutrition and cancer or heart disease. Look for independent research, not those funded by the likes of the Dairy Council or pharmaceutical companies…  I won’t even start on this for fear of not stopping!


Okay onto recipes… having been away I haven’t had time for much, but I did make use of the abundance of blackberries just before we went away. I baked chicken breasts in a blackberry sauce which included lemon, cinnamon, mustard, stock and chilli powder. It came out a really vivid purple colour and was absolutely delicious! I’ve picked a load more today ready for a repeat this week.

I would love to hear if you have any healthy recipes using blackberries and I’d be really interested to know if your body really misses any particular foods when you have a period of time without them.

Thanks for reading. Catch you next week!