You are unique

I mentioned briefly a while ago how on my course we are taught the concept of bio-individuality™ and I want to expand on this a bit more.

Bio-individuality™ refers to the fact that there is no one diet that works for everyone, so it’s really important to be able to let go of the idea that to lose weight you can only eat veg, or only eat protein, or only consume 1000 calories a day, or only drink smoothies, or cut out the carbs… etc., etc. If you’re an ‘experienced dieter’, I’m sure you’ll know that the exact same diet that worked for a friend just didn’t bring about the same results for you. That doesn’t mean that he/she worked harder at it, but rather that we are all different and our bodies react in different ways.

Youa are unique

Putting aside the fact that ‘diets’ are not sustainable, it makes sense – think about the differences between two individuals, there’s the obvious such as age and height factors, but what about our ancestory, our living environments, our working environments, level of physical activity, medications etc,. There’s more but my point is that we shouldn’t expect to all have the same results from a ‘diet’ when we’re all coming from a different starting place.

And even if you are not ‘dieting’, the same applies. You wouldn’t assume a blue knee length dress would look great on every woman, the process of trial and error in a shop fitting room determines the best style for that individual and food is no different. Eskimos eat a diet appropriate for their lifestyle and living conditions, but it doesn’t mean it would work for someone living in a warmer climate. Taking it to another level, that same eskimo would need to adapt his diet if he moved to that warmer clime. We do the same in fact, think about how many casseroles or salads you in eat in summer compared to the winter. Our body intuitively knows that it want warmer, heartier foods in cold months and lighter, brighter foods in warm months.

But you can take this further. Instead of just eating familiar foods out of habit, through trial and error, you can learn to understand what your body needs more specifically, what really nourishes it and gives you the energy and good health that you desire. There’s not a magic formula, you do need to pay attention to yourself and document your findings to build up the knowledge. This is something that plays a key part in working with clients as a health coach. You’d be surprised at how many people are actually dairy intolerant, gluten intolerant etc., without knowing it and can account for all kinds of health and weight issues. It doesn’t take long to get in tune with your body and when you do, that’s when the magic happens. If you’ve been eating foods that don’t really suit you, just a few changes can have an amazing effect on your weight, your appearance, your energy and your health.

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This is how I like to think of it; Our body wants to keep on working, no matter how we treat it, no matter what abuse we throw it’s way, it keeps on going, doing the best it can with the resources it has. It deserves more, you deserve more. If you give your body what truly nourishes it, it can serve you at a much higher level.

“Love your body and it will love you right back”

I’ve had some fun in the kitchen again this week with beetroot crisps and a delicious banana and chia seed concoction!


I’ve added a few recipes to the website now, so just click on the Recipes tab. I don’t want to turn this into a recipe site as apart from the fact there are plenty of brilliant ones already, this is also not my area of expertise, but I will post a few from time to time.

And if some of my recipes sound too far from your comfort zone, don’t worry, when I get to the stage of taking on clients, I’ll be considering your starting point. I have already spent the last few years upgrading mine and my family’s eating habits so my recipes are an extension of that. But if you’re still on the bottom rung, don’t worry, I’ll have you covered.

I’d love to hear from you. What is your biggest worry with changing your eating habits? Cost, family reaction, lack of skills in the kitchen, lack of understanding of what foods are good or bad? Feel free to comment below, send a message via Facebook or drop me an email at

Catch you next week!